Located in the centre of Zagreb, our facility meets the standards of all and even the most demanding patients because the work ethic and work attitude of the Dental Esthetic Center specialists are at the highest level. The perfect combination of an excellent location in the very beating heart of the city, superbly designed space with state-of-the-art equipment and human touch at every step of the way is what gives our patients utmost accessibility, comfort and, above all, confidence.

Aesthetics is the prime principle of Dental Esthetic Center and it is what guides us in any of the dentist procedures that we perform. It permeates all the other branches of dentistry, creating a unique and organic bond. Aesthetic dentistry is the cornerstone of successful treatment that brings out the beauty of one's smile as well as our patients' health and satisfaction.

Consequently, we must take great care to perform only those dental procedures that are in harmony with aesthetics and the proper working order of the masticatory system. By doing so, we also support a natural and pleasing appearance.

Your beauty is like your signature. No other person has one like yours.

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At Dental Esthetic Center, aesthetic dentistry is the basic doctrine and guide through all dental procedures. It permeates with all the other branches of dentistry and makes them an inextricable bond. Aesthetic dentistry is the basis of a successful therapy of the beautiful smile, health and satisfaction of our patients.


I am grateful to the given knowledge of how important the basic hygiene of the teeth is and the regularity of the control even if only the deposited plaque is removed.

Alen Makar, 44 god.

I am extremely grateful to Dr. Dunđer for the painless surgery of the lower jaw and the very soft hand after 5-hour surgery.

Martina Novak, 36 god.

Very pleasant reception and professional staff, and the high professionalism of Dr. Dunđer and his team impressed me so I will definitely come back.

Igor Klem, 41 god.