"Located in the heart of Zagreb's city center, our institution meets the standards of all, including the most demanding patients. We work exclusively by appointment - without waiting, and our workspace is excellently designed and equipped. As diagnostics and therapy take place in one location, you save time on visits to other healthcare facilities. From admission to the completion of therapy, we provide our patients with maximum accessibility, comfort, and above all, a sense of trust.

Every, even the smallest, procedure in the oral cavity must meet the parameters of aesthetics and proper function of the chewing system. In this way, we support a beautiful and natural appearance. We emphasize that all procedures are performed under local anesthesia, therefore completely painless.

Beauty is always individual, and in the Dental Esthetic Center, we approach the problems of each of our patients individually."

Our Services

At Dental Esthetic Center, aesthetic dentistry is the basic doctrine and guide through all dental procedures. It permeates with all the other branches of dentistry and makes them an inextricable bond. Aesthetic dentistry is the basis of a successful therapy of the beautiful smile, health and satisfaction of our patients.


"The feeling of how I was received, the way it was explained to me, and the result itself... I am more than satisfied! Since then, I've been enjoying my smile, having a relaxed jaw, and softened wrinkles on my face."

Renata, Munchen

"I am extremely satisfied with Dr. Dunđer's work. He is very meticulous and professional, you are in safe hands!"

Astrid, Zagreb

"Very pleasant reception and knowledgeable staff, along with the high professionalism of Dr. Dunđer and his team, impressed me, so I will definitely come back."

Indira, Munchen

"I had a series of problems that prevented me from leading a healthy and normal life until, miraculously, I met Dr. Alenka Dunđer. Thanks to the whole team!"

Stella, Vincenza

"I came for a check-up after 7 years. Considering the quality and excellent performance, everything is as good as the first day. Bravo!!"

mr.sc.dr.med Damir Jurinović, Zagreb