Located in the center of Zagreb, our facility meets the standards of all and even the most demanding patients because the concept of work and access to the work of Dental Esthetic Center employees is at the highest level. Since we are located in an excellent location and the work space is superbly arranged, from the reception to the end of the therapy we provide our patients with maximum comfort and, above all, a sense of trust.

We work with patients in four offices, exclusively in advance agreed terms, without waiting. You can order your treatment by telephone or by appointment at the polyclinic. As diagnostics and therapy are performed in one place, you do not have to waste time on departing from other healthcare facilities.

Doctors are very accessible and have enough time for you. Our doctors can be asked everything you care about your health. You will receive relevant answers to all such questions as we believe that communication is an inescapable and extremely important part of the therapy.

We keep detailed documentation not only about the procedure but also the preparations and materials used in the therapy. For the safety of our patients, we use exclusively materials and methods clinically and scientifically proven by neutral working groups in Europe and the world. We do not rely on statements and advertising campaign industry.

We emphasize that everybody, even the smallest treatment, is performed under local anesthesia, so completely painless.

Our institution is located in the historical and business center of Zagreb, on the old church estate. Such a position and blend in the surroundings combine modern and historic and the property is completely isolated from the city crowd. There is a large, beautifully landscaped park, which is used by patients for rest and walking, and is a rare oasis of peace in the very center of the city.

Nearby is also the popular business center named "Kaptol Center", where one can find representatives of famous companies, Australian embassies, shops, several top restaurants and many other cultural and entertainment facilities. Within Kaptol Center, a large public garage is available, which is of utmost importance because our patients have no problem with parking at any part of day or night.