Dental veneers are thin ceramics shells that are produced with utmost precision. They are placed on the front-facing surface of the teeth.
They are unique in a way that they can be used to achieve remarkable aesthetic and functional effects with minimum of preparation.

We use them to close gaps between the teeth and make the corrections to position and shape of a tooth. Made from translucent dental ceramics, they reflect the light much like a natural tooth enamel does and therefore they are very convenient for effective tooth colour correction.

The veneers are applied to prepared front-side surface of a tooth, while the back of the tooth remains intact. Only a thin layer of enamel is removed (0.5 to 0.8mm), while preparation for dental crowns is much more invasive.  



Dental veneers can be applied to selected teeth to remove cracks, irregular shape or discolouration.


Dental veneers can also be applied to groups of teeth, most often the front teeth, and that way we perform a cosmetic makeover of our patients’ smile.


Dental veneers are an indispensable segment of modern aesthetic dentistry, crucial in the process of creating our patients’ beautiful smile. Due to the minimal preparation of teeth needed for the application of the veneers, the dental tissue is spared and highest aesthetic effects are achieved, which makes them an excellent alternative to ceramic crowns.

As dental veneers cannot be applied to severely damaged tooth crowns with significant fractures, a lot of fillings, and very pronounced discoloration of teeth - they must be properly indicated.