By aesthetic crowns and bridges, we presume crowns and bridges made of ceramic and zircon, without the metal foundation.

Unlike metal-ceramic crowns and bridges or gold-plated crowns and bridges that have a metal alloy in its foundation, the zircon ceramics crowns are based on zircon to which the ceramics is applied.

Translucency - The advantage of zircon and ceramics is their translucency - the light passes through them in the same manner as it does through the natural teeth and there is no light blockage which happens with metal-ceramic ones. The reflection from the surface of the ceramic crowns and bridges is also identical to the one from the natural tooth.

Due to these traits, zircon ceramics allows us to make crowns and bridges of exceptional aesthetics, and has, in the last 15 years, become the standard for the creation of top aesthetic dental replacements.



Biocompatibility - Yet another very important feature of zircon ceramics is that it is completely biocompatible, i.e. it does not cause any allergic or toxic reactions in the body as opposed to metal alloys that, in some cases, can cause such reactions.

Bodily reactions to metal alloys, used for creation of dental replacements, can in a number of cases be manifested with inflammation of the gums, their withdrawal, bleeding and the change of colour of gums surrounding the metal-ceramic crowns. A healthy pink colour of the gums acquires bluish and darker shades.

An imprecise positioning of the dental crown to the tooth in the gum area, further boosts these reaction. This is something that occurs relatively often in the process of applying metal-ceramic crowns. Bacteria inhabit these fissures and further provoke the response of the organism in the form of inflammatory reactions and changes in the colour of gums. Also, caries can develop underneath the crown..

Zircon ceramics crown – This work was performed in year 2003 and re-photographed in 2018.  There is no reaction of gums, in terms of withdrawal or change in colour, not even after 15 years of applying the zircon ceramics crown.


                                                                                       2003.                                                                                                      2018.

CAD/CAM technology and precision of the production – The precision of zircon ceramic crowns and bridges, compared to classical metal-ceramic, is significant on several levels. In particular, it is visible in the precision of the positioning in the area of tooth preparation and the precision of the contact points with the teeth of the opposite jaw, which is extremely important for the correct function of the individual teeth and the chewing system in the whole. Also, this prevents inflammations of the gums surrounding the crown.

The use of computer CAD/CAM technology in design and production of zircon ceramic crowns and bridges, enables their superb precision.

CAD/CAM technology – the models of prepared teeth are scanned and computer designs crowns or bridges. They are then cut out of zircon in a special high-precision milling machines, controlled by the computer, with micron precision. After that, the crowns or bridges get their final touches with tooth ceramics. CAD/CAM technology is also used in space, aviation and automotive industry for the manufacturing of parts requiring high adaptability and precision.