Aesthetic dental fillings, sometimes also referred to as “white fillings” are applied when tooth tissue is lost due to caries. For our aesthetic dental fillings, we in Dental Esthetic Center use the most advanced aesthetic adhesive technology with composite and glass-ionomeric materials from the most renowned international producers.

We also re-create each little bump or crevice so that the restorative procedure restores the original appearance and function. After the process is completed, the fillings will blend in the natural part of the tooth and look and feel as natural as when it first emerged..

Such a quality aesthetic dental filling can last for 10 or even 20 years and our decades of experience and thousands of fillings can vouch to that.

Removing caries and restoring dental tissue with aesthetic adhesive materials – The entire process takes approximately 45 minutes. With the aid of local anaesthesia, the painless procedure will restore the natural and healthy appearance of your tooth for at least a decade as if it never had any caries in the first place.



Replacing the existing amalgam fillings

When a tooth is prepared for restorative filling, we need to remove only the part of the tooth that is directly affected. This is important because it minimizes removal of the healthy part of the tooth to which the adhesive materials form a chemical bond. Thus, no additional methods of fixation are necessary.
The conventional amalgam fillings (“silver fillings”) require removal of a significant part of healthy tooth tissue. The reason for such a loss is the need to prepare a large and regular (rectangular) shape to hold the filling in place because amalgam fillings do not form a chemical bond; they require mechanical friction to remain fixed in place.
Contemporary aesthetic dentistry cannot accept such a completely unnecessary, permanent and harmful intervention into the healthy part of a tooth.
The leading international experts recommend abandoning amalgam because of its high mercury content. Furthermore, it is recommended that a patient's current amalgam fillings be removed and replaced with aesthetic composite and glass-ionomeric fillings.

It goes without saying that visual qualities of the contemporary adhesive aesthetic fillings (white fillings) are undeniably superior in comparison with traditional fillings. Needless to say, the beauty of a tooth with an adhesive filling is beyond compare.

Replacing the existing amalgam filling - Each fine detail of the tooth structure is restored to bring out its natural beauty as much as possible.