The beauty of your smile is what they will remember you for!    

We all understand very deeply how important it is to have a lovely smile. A great smile and laugh are important for our happiness and everyday communication. However, are you aware that most recent studies suggest that an unappealing smile can be a serious impediment in your personal development and career? More than at any time in the past, our society is focused on eating and living healthy and being as attractive as possible..

When we say aesthetic dentistry, what we really mean is the beauty of your smile. Aesthetics implies beauty and harmonious shapes, with nature at its core. All our beauty is nature's gift. We can only appreciate it and make ever so subtle corrections to suit our own views.

Functionality and beauty are joined at hip. What we find pleasing to look at is also functional. It can also go the other way: what serves its purpose the way nature intended, it is also a sight to behold. The human body is an embodiment of these two intertwined principles. We have known this for a long time. It was no less than legendary thinker Leonardo Da Vinci who understood these rules of life. All that contemporary science can do is corroborate that the ancient wise-man was right and that aesthetics and function go hand in hand indeed.

Experts of Dental Estehtic Centre know this very well. It is what we have in mind all the time.

Aesthetic Dentistry is said to consist of two major areas of interest, white and pink:

White estethic - a branch of dentistry dealing with the aesthetics of the teeth.  

Contemporary dentistry and technology have come a long way. Today, we are able to reconstruct or build completely new teeth that are absolutely naturally aesthetic and functional.

When doing so, all the substances that we use have the same physical characteristics and identical chemical composition as natural dental tissue.
To this end, we rely on knowledge and techniques of restorative dentistry, dental prosthetics, implantology, oral surgery and orthodontics.



Pink estethic is a branch of dentistry focused on gums (gingiva) and the relationship between the teeth, gum and lips.

The gum colour must be natural pink, its texture akin to the orange peel and it must not bleed when touched. This is also the image of healthy gingiva. Beautiful, healthy gums form a regular and symmetrical crescent shape, and are free of crevices, cracks or enlargements.

Gums that are swollen, red, blueish or purple, as well as gums of irregular shape or gums that bleed under pressure, lack natural appeal. These are the most common symptoms of inflammation of the gum (gingivitis) and paradontosis, which is one of the most common diseases around the globe and which must be treated immediately!!

Periodontology - a very well-developed and powerful branch of dentistry that deals with gum issues and teeth support structures.

Thanks to its astonishing development, today we can use its protocols to remove any defect and achieve harmony between the gums and lips, which is the ultimate goal of pink aesthetics.