Zircon ceramics have, in the last 15 years, become the golden standard for the creation of top aesthetic dental replacements. It is the material of choice, in contemporary dentistry, for the production of top aesthetic and maximum precision prosthetics.

In its foundation, zircon ceramic crowns there is a zircon foundation to which the dental ceramics is applied. Zircon and ceramics are translucent - the light passes through them in the same manner as it does through the natural teeth, which complements these crowns and bridges with natural appearance and beauty.

The use of computer CAD/CAM technology in design and production of zircon ceramic crowns and bridges, enables their superb precision.

Marginal sealing in zircon ceramic crowns, i.e. the size of the space between the zircon foundation and the rest of the abraded tooth, is merely 5 microns while, in the case of the metal ceramic crowns, it is 20 microns - 4 times the precision of zircon ceramics.

Application of zircon ceramic crowns and bridges allows for a significantly greater precision in contact with teeth from the opposing jaw, which is of utmost importance for the correct function of the chewing system.  

Exceptional precision of marginal sealing and opposing jaw teeth contact, is the most important advantage when choosing zircon ceramic crowns and bridges over metal ceramic ones.