Metal ceramic is a dental restoration material, standardly used in dental prosthetics for more than 50 years.

Its strength, aesthetic appearance, biocompatibility and fabrication perfection makes it still one of the best materials for crowns and bridges production.

The light does not pass through them and that is considered to be a certain aesthetic disadvantage. Nevertheless, with the correct and precise application of metal ceramic crowns, high-quality aesthetic results can still be achieved.

Metal-ceramic crowns and bridges have a biocompatible, extremely firm metal alloy in its foundation, to which the created dental ceramics are applied and, with its colour and shape, completely imitate the natural tooth.






Marginal Seal of Metal ceramic Crowns
It is a micron-sized space between the edge of metal foundation of the metal ceramic crown and the rest of the abraded tooth. The size of this space in metal ceramic crowns and bridges amounts to 20 microns.

In the process of fixing a crown or a bridge on the tooth, this space is filled with dental cement which attaches the crown to the remaining part of the tooth, thus sealing the space, which results in crown and the tooth acting as "one body".