When we say oral rehabilitation, we mean complete diagnostic process and chewing system treatment, using the most complex reconstructive dental procedures in the most demanding cases of tooth loss and dysfunction of the chewing system.
Oral rehabilitation always requires the teamwork of top experts, in most cases from all fields of dental science, under the guidance of a dentist educated in the field of Functional Diagnostics and Treatment.

For the last 15 years, such a team has been working at Dental Esthetic Center. It has successfully completed numerous therapies for the most demanding cases, re-establishing proper chewing system function and restoring a beautiful smile.

In such demanding cases, more often than not most of the existing teeth need an intervention, or we are dealing with a completely toothless jaw. In both cases, it is necessary to reconstruct all dental units and to re-establish the normal relationship between the jaws and the correct function of the entire chewing system, which means the following:

  1. Reconstruction and proper aesthetic appearance of teeth and gums, establishing the correct relationship between the teeth when they are joined in a closed jaw, and proper contact between teeth in jaw movements (very important).
  2. Establishing a proper relationship between the upper and lower jaw in all three dimensions (horizontally, vertically and forward-backward).
  3. Establishing the correct position of the both jaw joint extensions.
  4. Establishing the proper tone and function of chewing muscles, the most complex muscular system in the body.
  5. Establishing proper neuro-muscular connections, i.e. proper control of the brain over the chewing system by means of the nervous and muscular system for controlling lower jaw movement (so called proper engram).

Such demanding cases are often characterised by a disturbance of all of the above-mentioned parameters. In order for the whole chewing system to function as a harmonious entity again, and to restore the patient's beautiful smile, it is important that each dental procedure is coordinated, as well as fine balanced.

An example of a complex oral rehabilitation using ceramic bridges, crowns and implants:


        Before the procedure                                                             After the procedure