PRGF-Endoret is the first technic, i.e. technology based producing a 100% autologous concentrate of growth factor (growth-encouraging substance, obtained from the patient's own blood. It is applied for the purpose of different tissues regenerating process. This unique and safe technique has been recognized worldwide and patented by BTI Biotechnology Institute.

Regenerative medicine has, in seeking new ways of treatment, revolutionized dental procedures. Our organism contains plasma and million platelets rich in growth factors with the ability to regenerate and repair tissue.

PRGF Technology

By application PRGF-Endoret technology in dental medicine, we achieve the following:
- faster healing
- reduced risk of infection
- reduced infection
- reduced swelling

The procedure is applied in:
- implants treatment
- periodontal defects treatment
- tooth extraction

Blood plasma comes in various formulations, as liquid, gel or fibrin membrane, depending on the application. In addition to dental medicine, PRGF-Endoret has extensive application in regeneration of joints and ligaments and skin regeneration.