Dr. med. dent. Alenko Dunđer

Expert team leader

Education in Dentistry:
1993 - Faculty of Dentistry, University of Zagreb, graduated as Doctor of Dental Medicine

Main areas of professional interests:
- Aesthetic dentistry, high-value dental prosthetics and oral rehabilitation.
- Functional diagnostics, chewing system and jaw joint treatment.
- Functional diagnostics using electronic diagnostic devices

Professional development and awards:
2001 – 2003 Aesthetic dentistry and high-value dental prosthetics:
Professional training and work courses in Switzerland.
Aeskulap - Klinik with referents within the University of Basel:
- aesthetic dentistry and high-value dental prosthetics
- zircon ceramics
- CAD/CAM technology for making crowns, bridges and scales.

2002 Istitut für temporomandibuläre Regulation, Cranio-mandibuläre orthopädie, Reiner Schöttl DDS, Erlangen

2000 – 2003 Functional Diagnostics and Treatment, Craniomandibular Disorders and Highl-Value
Aethetic Dental Prosthetics, organized by the German Academy of Sciences (APV):
Vocational training in Germany with referents within the German Academy of Sciences (APV):
- functional diagnosis and therapy and craniomandibular dysfunction,
- electronic diagnosis of craniomandibular dysfunction,
- high-value aesthetic dental prosthetics

Since 1997 Continuing education as provided by Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine:
A series of workshops and congresses in the field of aesthetic dentistry, high-value dental prosthetics and implantology.

1991 Rector's Award for Best Student Scientific Paper at the University of Zagreb.

Organizer of a series of educational development seminars, in the field of craniomandibular dysfunction and high-value aesthetic dental prosthetics with the APV certificate (German Academy of Sciences).

Organizer of several international congresses and referent (speaker) at the international congress Functional Functional Diagnosis and Functional Therapy Day, Zagreb 2003.

Professional experience:
Since 2018 Dental Esthetic Centar, Zagreb, Croatia
Expert team leader of Centre for Aesthetic Dentistry, Implantology, Functional Diagnostics and Treatment, Orthodontics and Oral Rehabilitation with High-Value Dental Prosthetics.
Since 2012 Centre for Craniomandibular Dysfunctions (CMD Centre), Zagreb, Croatia
Professional associate in the field of functional diagnostics and treatment and electronic diagnosis of craniomandibular dysfunction.
2001 – 2012 Dental Polyclinic Kaptol, Zagreb, Croatia
Head of polyclinic and leader of expert team for aesthetic dentistry, oral rehabilitation and functional diagnostics and treatment.
1995 – 2001 Private Dental Practice, Zagreb, Croatia
1993 – 1995 Graduate student at Faculty of Dentistry, University of Zagreb

HKDM (Croatian Chamber of Dental Medicine) a member of the Chamber's Experts Council.
GFDT (Functional Diagnostic and Therapy Working Group: founder and first president.